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Filipinos and Filipinas Buried in Arlington

Names M-R

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Joey T. Mallari

Birth: 3/19/1928

Death: 12/11/1970

Buried Arlington National Cemetery

Section:47 Site: 1329


William A. Mallari

Birth: 5/29/1927

Death: 1/26/1996

Buried Arlington National Cemetery

Section: 64 Site: 1038

Korea, Vietnam


Date of military service: 9/2/1950 to 9/1/1970


Luis Manalo

Birth: 9/26/1908

Death: 11/17/2003

Buried Arlington National Cemetery

Section: 66 Site: 5183

WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Sgt US Army



Dolores A. Manalo

Birth: 4/14/1909

Death: 6/5/2000

Buried Arlington National Cemetery

Section: 66 Site: 5183

Ian Desmond Manuel

Birth: 11/1/1980 Tripler Medical Center Hawaii

Death: 1/8/2004 Iraq

Buried: Arlington National Cemetery

Section: 60 Site: 7968

CW2 US Army Medvac pilot of UH60 Black Hawk helicopter

that was hit by missile near Fallujah, Iraq; assigned @ 571st Air Ambulance (Medical) Co. based in Fort Carson, Colorado

Military Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart, (2) Air Medals, Meritorious Service, Hawaii Medal of Honor, grdfather was a WW11 pilot

Bernaldo Modello born 12/25/1896 Santa Cruz Philippines; died 2/21/1963; buried Arlington National Cemetery Section: 33 Site: 2284. WW1 Pvt Co M Hawaiian Inf; inducted 7/27/1918-7/21/1920; a sakada, resident of Wailuku Maui Hawaii; laborer Kahului RR Co., also served as a cook in the U.S. Navy

Sources: WW1 military records



Jose Nagtalon

Birth: 12/24/1931

Death: 1/16/2004 Monmouth NJ

Buried: Arlington National Cemetery

Section 68 Site: 431

Korea, Vietnam PSG Army

military service: 6/30/1953 to 6/30/1974

Notes: his wife-Luciana (4/1/1931-8/5/1952) was buried @ the National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific Section: S Site: 821



Galo Ocampo

Birth: 10/16/1913 Santa Rita Pampanga

Death: 9/12/1985 Virginia

Military Service: Cpt guerrilla; resistance to Japanese occupation in the Philippines

    Buried: Arlington National Cemetery Section 1-PP Row 12 Site 1

    post-WW11; Director Phil. National Museum Philippine National Artist; painter;

    FEU Dept of Fine Arts head (1971-)  works: designed coat of arms (1946), Phil

    Pres seal, Manila Cathedral   stained glass



Loretta P. Ocampo

Birth: 12/10/1916

Death: 3/16/2002

Buried: Arlington National Cemetery

Section: 1 Pp Row 12 Site 1

w/ husband Galo Ocampo


Fernando Martinez Palazo

Birth: 1/16/1921

Death: 3/19/2003 Portland Oregon VA Med Center

Buried: Arlington National Cemetery

Section: 67 Site: 4533-2

WWII, Korea

Sgt US Army, retired after 20 yrs of military service

Resident of Barstow California

Jacinto Apilan Perez


Death: 10/19/1961;

Military Service: Sgt T5 Med Det 1st Filipino Inf; “MD USA

buried:Arlington National Cemetery; Section 31 Site 5121


Manuel Luis Molina Quezon born 8/19/1878 Baler, Tayabas, Philippines; died 8/1/1944 Saranac Lake, New York; initially buried @ the base of the Battleship Maine Memorial Arlington National Cemetery (8/3/1944) with 21 gun rifle salute on a casket draped with the American flag on a horsedrawn caisson. Pres Quezon remains were  re-interred in the Manila North Cemetery (8/3/1944) and then finally moved to Quezon Memorial Shrine in the Philippines (8/1/1946). He was President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines under U.S. colonial rule.

Pres Quezon was a Major in the Philippine-American War as aide-de-camp of Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo. He  was also an official member of the U.S. Congress when he served as the U.S. Resident Commisioner from the Philippines (1909-1916). He was evacuated to the U.S during WW11 where he established the Commonwealth government in exile. He was a Pacific War Council member and signatory to the U.N. declaration against the Axis Powers.


Under Construction 



            Alfred Lord Tennyson


Sunset and evening star

And one clear call for me

And may there be no moaning of the bar!

When I put out to sea.


But such a tide as moving seems asleep

Too full of sound and foam

When that which drew from out of the

    boundless deep

Turns again home


Twilight and evening bell,

And after that the dark!

And may there be no sadness of farewell,

When I embark


For though from our bourne of Time and Place

The flood may bear me far

I hope to see my Pilot face to face

When I have crossed the bar.


While standing by your grave
I read the words etched in stone.
“Killed In Action in the July Drive,
But You Did Not Die Alone!

When the orders were given
For you to go over the top.
How sad you must have felt
To watch your comrades drop!

When the bullets pierced your skin
And before taking your last breath,
Did you have a chance to pray
Before your rendevouz with death?

Oh, dear soldier, loyal and brave
Are you now at peace?
Do you have a restless soul
That will rest when all wars have ceased?

By: Yvonne Legge

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